The history of the"Blueberry Rebels" kennel

The year was 1983. I met Linda that year and I also had a Dobermann named Hackney back then. Linda just loved this dog and soon there came a second Dobermann we named Ievel and later on even a third called Mel. One could say that Linda and I basically started out with an enormous love for dogs.
Our first acquaintance with Amstaffs came through someone in our neighbourhood who had a male and a female, both immediately stole our harts. When the female Amstaff Steffy expected puppies, we watched with increasing interest.
Steffy was from the Tippitt's kennel and the sire of the pups, Skrams Chasqui Mountain Lion, also called "Blue", came from White Rock lineage. Only three puppies were born, one male, Rechy and two females Ruby and Rowdy.
Rechy joined Olaf and Monique, Ruby and Rowdy came to our house. They became the founding mothers of the later Blueberry Rebels.
The decision to buy them and start breeding with them wasn't taken lightly. The motivation to breed our first litter was fuelled by the excellent results we booked in the many exhibitions, including a "youth championship " title in Bern. It doesn't happen every day that you can start out as a breeder with two such fantastic females.
Because we already were in contact with Frans Diaz, owner of Blue, it seemed logical to ask for his advice. We are Frans and Marlie ever so grateful for all the help and trust they gave us.
Blue, Frans' dog had made such an impact on us, that a reference to him had to be included in our kennel name. Not very difficult since the comic "Luitenant Blueberry" was one of our favourites and provided the necessary inspiration. We soon baptised our kennel with the name "Blueberry Rebels".
Many dogs, all descendants from Ruby and Rowdy already carry this name and have booked excellent results in many shows. Our kennel may be proud that all the dogs presented by us on these shows come in direct lineage from these two females.
We achieve these results through a careful selection of the right males. Our selection is based both on beauty and more importantly on character, something that has basically all our attention during the period the pups remain in our kennel.
The Blueberry Rebels kennel has proven itself through all these years and is proud of its solid reputation and long palmares.
Linda and I are very grateful to everyone who has a link with our kennel and who shares our passion.

Blueberry Rebels kennel
Linda en Rudi.

Amstock Rowdy, Rechy & Ruby
Amstock Ruby
Amstock Rowdy